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Examples of application scripts

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Filter.html - parse all files in a directory (multiple command line switches) - parse one file (with some command line switches) - query a previously saved data structure - check a parsed file against a dictionary - write a data structure as a CIF file - a mini example of creating a data structure from scratch - filter a file against a dictionary - filter (reduce) a dictionary - write a hierarchical list of all hash keys in a data structure - list mandatory/optional categories/items in a dictionary - list dependent items in a dictionary - list parent-child relationships in a dictionary
Copyright (c) 2000 University of California, San Diego

Complete distribution: STAR-Parser-0.59.tar.gz  (Contains this README file, version history, and a binding Copyright notice)


  • download STAR-Parser-0.59.tar.gz
  • % gunzip STAR-Parser-0.59.tar.gz
  • % tar xvf STAR-Parser-0.59.tar
  • % cd STAR-Parser-0.59
  • % perl Makefile.PL
  • % make
  • % make test
  • % make install
  • This should install the modules into a default location on your system.
  • Alternative, you may create a STAR directory in a location of your choice, copy the "*.pm" files into the STAR directory, and then include the line
    use lib "<path to the directory above STAR>";
    in the scripts.
  • Documentation can be extracted with
    % pod2html >Parser.html
    or viewed with
    % perldoc
  • These modules require Storable (get it from CPAN).

More information on mmCIF can be found on these PDB or NDB pages.